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There have been plenty of great games that have come out in gaming history. Halo, Call of duty, and any classic Nintendo game serve as great examples of great games. Many stand out, but one of the most recent games to hit the shelves is the action adventure RPG Skyrim.

Released November 11, 2011 it sold 3.5 million in the first 48 hours. Skyrim quickly shot out of the gates riding the popularity of the Elder Scroll Sage, the saga that lead up to the game Skyrim. Senior Gustavo Cantu said “it’s a perfect way to end the series.”

At the end of the year it sold 20,270,000 in total and won 100 games of the year awards and was nominated countless times more.

Not only did it do well in the markets, it also did great with the gaming community. Senior Rey Lopez said the game was “the best game ever.” It managed to receive an average user rating of 92/100 from the entire Xbox community. Few games have managed to reach that level and few that do are among the ones that are instantly deemed classic games. Games like god of war are the only games that have gotten right around what Skyrim did.

It’s not only the community though. Great prestige review sites such as IGN give this game 5 out of 5. They call it the, “industries biggest game ever made.” That’s only a hint of what other great companies have said. It’s needless to say that 9 out of 10 was the lowest rating that can be found on Skyrim.

People from all over the world can be found playing this game. Racking up to over a trillion total playing hours people have confessed to playing this game from one hour a day to forty eight hours in a row. Senior Carlos Garza confessed that he played “for a solid week with few sleep breaks.” Garza said.

But some take it farther that just the game. Some fans have gone far enough to build their own armor in dedication to Skyrim. Senior Benito Vazquez made his own Skyrim inspired sword, “if I had the real thing my life would be complete,” Benito said.

The inspiration Skyrim has brought can still be felt today which is why if you find yourself bored and with 20 dollars to drop, you should definitely buy Skyrim.


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