The Sally Spectre Show Story

Marcus Gutierrez, A & E writer

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Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!

Under the direction of Theater Arts teacher, Christoper Fernandez, the theater production students began performing their fist show of the season, Sally Spectre, to get in the spirit of Halloween.

Fernandez thought it best to start off the first semester with a bang, by putting on an original production. He had got in contact with a Los Angeles play, music and lyric writer named David Johnson, who felt most honored.; thus production got started.

The play is different because it doesn’t follow a two or three act structure, but instead a collection of scary stories acted out in front of the audience to give different and haunting perspectives.

“We’ve worked on the Sally Spectre show for over two and a half months,” said senior student Ethan Espinoza.

Seems like a long time, but that just only adds to how much effort that went in to the production. Every student had to arrive either during the class time or after school: rehearsing, dressing, acting, stage directing, etc.  Fernandez said that this production would give the students an opportunity to learn about work ethics.

“We even had to arrive one Saturday to work on it,” said Senior Diego Ramirez.

Fernandez said that the money they earn will go to fund their next performance.

So will the Sally Spectre live up to the expectations? Well one must see it to find.




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The Sally Spectre Show Story