Sharyland Baseball

Viridiana Zunia, Writer

March 21, 2017

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There are many sports around the world. There are professional sports that get aired on television and are famous like football, soccer, tennis, golf, etc. However, one sport that students in Sharyland like is baseball. Baseball...

Track & Field

Joshua Fuentes & Nestor Villarreal

April 25, 2014

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Track is a competitive sport.  Different schools bring their best athletes to compete in the meets, but only one school takes the trophy. Sharyland High school plans winning regionals this year; they practiced their hardest...

Brazil 2014 World Cup

Juberto T. Alfaro

April 25, 2014

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It has been four years since the last world cup; what all soccer players have been training for. On Thursday June 12, 2014 in Brazil, the games will begin where soccer players will show their skills to the world but only one team...

Making Track a Priority

Karina Garcia

April 11, 2014

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Track is a big part of Sharyland High School.  The athletes are trained by their coaches every day to get better in their sport.  It looks like just a bunch of running in other people’s eyes, but when you really look into...

Sports Enemy No. 1: Concussions

Eddie Gonzalez

February 28, 2014

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According to the Sports Legacy Institute and their studies they have concluded that concussions are sport’s worst injury. Many organizations have gone through leaps and bounds to help deter them but they still stand a huge threat...

Sharyland vs. Economides

Jazmine Montoya

October 30, 2013

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As the crowd roars in excitement our football boys’ gather in lines to perform their stretches. Two minutes before the game starts the boys try to pump one another up; making the game feel more alive. While the clock’s...