Mariachi Nuevo Cascabel Spring Show

Bianca Gracia, Writer

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With a stellar performance, the Sharyland Groupo folklórico dancers stole the audience’s heart on March 30, 2017 when they performed baile folklórico, a traditional Mexican dance that emphasizes local folk culture with ballet characteristics – pointed toes, exaggerated movements, and highly choreographed. The Grupo Folklorico performed 3 sections at the “Noche de Gala” concert. Each section consisted between 3-4 songs.

“I feel proud and happy to be able to show my classmates and school about our culture through folkorico,” said senior Sidney Martinez.

The folkorico dance team shared their spotlight with the Mariachi Nuevo Cascabel. They got together and shared their talents and performed a mini skit based on the song “El Corrido de Rosita Alvirez” written by Eulalio González. “Quote”

The skit was about a woman named Rosita Alvírez (played by sophomore Mariana Estevan). Rosita’s heart was broken by her boyfriend Hipólito (played by senior Mario Sosa) she caught him cheating on her with another woman (played by senior Floralexa Ambriz) after feeling heartbroken Rosita taught she should teach Hipólito a lesson and attended a dance because Rosita was the most beautiful woman at the dance she got a lot of attention from another man (played by freshman Oscar Linan). Hipólito got jealous Rosita was with another man and shot her 3 times the next morning all the women and men (played by folklorico dancers and mariachi) were mourning the death of Rosita Alvírez.

“I enjoyed the skit, but I thought that it was a bit hard to follow. Compared to the music, I thought the skit was a bit out of place, but it was something new and fresh, so I enjoyed it,” said junior Sofia Bahena.

The day of the performance the Sharyland Groupo folklórico dancers and Mariachi Nuevo Cascabel were working hard getting their instruments ready and practicing their dances and songs one last time before the show.

“Working backstage is a hassle when the girls are changing they need a lot of help getting their hair, accessories and dress on so I’m happy to be there for them helping them working backstage is a little crazy but it’s really fun,” said junior Victoria Ambriz.

The Groupo folklórico and Mariachi Nuevo Cascabel put in a lot of hard work and dedication to put on a spectacular show for the audience. They had long practices during their class block and 2 hour practices after school to perfect themselves for the big day. The show was organized by Grupo Folklórico Cascabel director Monica Martinez and Mariachi director Juan Carlos Lopez.

“The purpose of our concerts are to promote the Mexican culture and heritage and share with our school what the students learn and how proud they are to share their Mexican traditions and culture.” said Director Monica Martinez.

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Mariachi Nuevo Cascabel Spring Show