The Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Alicia Salinas, Writer

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According to a survey from 2015, about 94 percent of teenagers use their mobile devices on daily to go on social media. Teenagers are the people most using social media platforms. Ranging from taking quick pictures and videos on Snapchat to lengthy blog posts on Tumblr. Either way, social media has a huge effect on teenagers especially since sharing and communicating has become a daily ritual for them.

“I do use social media on a daily basis, and I spend about four hours on it every day,” says junior Alisson Guerra.

“I love using Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, but I do think that social media has both a positive and negative effect on me considering it has me not pay attention to reality sometimes and takes away the opportunities to have verbal communication with others,” also says Alisson.

The biggest effect of social media is that it takes away too much time from reality. It has been seen again and again, teenagers looking down at their phone and typing away instead of looking up, figuratively and literally, on the real-life problems.

“I think [social media] has a positive effect, but I know that it also has a negative effect because for sure I could be spending my time doing more productive things rather than being on my phone,” says sophomore Juan Escalera.

Although most teenagers would say they know social media has a negative effect on them, Cecilia Adame pleaded something differently.

“I think it has no effect on me because I’ve learned how to manage my time between my phone and real life,” comments Cecilia.

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The Effects of Social Media on Teenagers