Reflecting on Trump’s First 100 Days as President

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In a shock to the world, Donald Trump was elected as the president of the US after a chaotic campaign battle vs. leading Democrat Hillary Clinton. Although the mania of the campaigning period has ended, chaos still thrives under the leadership of President Trump, who is constantly under fire for his excessive vacationing, ties to Russia, and spread of misinformation.

Among his goals and promises for his first 100 days as presidency were the Mexican payment for the border wall, a ban on Muslim immigration, nominate the Supreme Court nominee, and repeal and replace ObamaCare. Of these things, he has only accomplished one.

As Trump touts the “most successful first 100 days” of any president on Twitter, citizens can reflect on what Trump has done as president, how he does his job, and if they feel confident in him as our Commander-in-Chief.

“Living in a place where the community was mostly against his victory, I didn’t even think a Trump win could be possible,” reiterated Marla. “Now that we’ve been through 100 days, I find it hard to believe that he’s working for the benefit of the American people because he treats the US like his business.”

While Trump’s win reverberated throughout the world, the shots have hardly quieted, and the echoes seem to be roaring in resistance as he continues to go back on his word and be investigated for alleged ties to the Kremlin.

“I really didn’t think he would get anything done,” senior Carolina Rios stated. “I voted against him because his goals were ridiculous, and I was surprised he even tried to do things like the Muslim ban and ACA repeal – especially since the Republican proposal was so poorly received.”

“If anything, his failures reaffirmed my faith in the checks and balances of the judicial system,” Carolina said.

The spotlight of his presidency seems to be shining on the ongoing House and FBI investigations into Trump’s confirmed relations to Russian intelligence.

“A lot has been going on,” said teacher Robert Barbosa. “Every day it seems like we’re learning more and more of his connections to Russian officials regarding the hacking of our election.”

“Personally, I think it’s too soon to make any judgement, and we’ll find out the truth if anything does come out of development soon,” Barbosa said. “The fact that this is going on is still deeply concerning.”

While we reflect on the political climate of the US, and look toward Trump, some see leadership, and others see chaos. No matter the outlook, the Trump presidency continues to rally and affirm care for the goodwill of the people.

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Reflecting on Trump’s First 100 Days as President