Student Excuses

Deborah Gomez, Writer

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Has your dog ever eaten your homework? Has your computer ever just shut off during an assignment? These convenient occurrences often have a way of ruining the chance of turning in work on time, and while these excuses are often baseless and empty, they create a lot of leeway for students to buy time. Sharyland’s guidelines are strict and specific, but they’re not always enforced. Teachers take excuses at face value, and while they might not always be valid, there’s always an appropriate way to respond to them.

This year the guidelines on how to handle late work is stated as following, all students will be given up to three additional school days to redo Failing Major Assignments, however the grade will be no higher than a 70. Now if it is not failing but it is a Late Major Assignment, students will be given up to three additional days to make it up but with a progressive grade penalty of 10 points off per day.

With this said, students are finding themselves determined on not getting penalized for their actions by saying just about anything. “One of the most recent excuses I’ve used is that of, ‘my computer shut down right before I could save my paper an once I turned it on it was gone,’ I don’t really think my teacher fell for it completely but he did give me a break and let me turn it in later that day,’ said Senior, Briana Yzaguire. “I know it’s wrong but I really couldn’t afford a bad grade on this research paper, I’m surprised my teacher even believed it but I guess luck was in my favor or my teacher was just in a really good mood.”

Nonetheless, teachers aren’t so clueless as students think, and Mrs. Angie Culberson is one of them.

“I know straight away when a student of mine is lying and the way I react to it all just depends on the class. Throughout my teaching experience, I’ve noticed that excuses are more common and expected from a CP class. Yes it does upset me but hopefully the student won’t make this a habit. Now Pre Ap is more infuriating because the students should know what is expected of them. As for AP students, there is no such thing as excuses, that is absolutely unacceptable,” said Mrs. Angie Culberson from the science department. “Excuses such as ‘I didn’t know’ and ‘We had homework’ won’t get away that easily with me.

In the upcoming school year, the district has decided to enforce the consequences on late work much more strictly. Students enrolled in Pre-AP/AP/DC courses will be given at most two days to make up Late Major Assignments yet Late Minor Assignments will not be able to be turned in after due date. Enforcing guidelines such as these are meant to push the students to their best ability.

Sharyland High School takes pride in their academic accomplishments and want their students to progress in life and excuses just don’t make the cut. Teachers aren’t so easy to fool so next time you decide to make up an excuse, think wisely on what you’re going to say or just get your work done on time.

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Student Excuses