The Pressures of Social Media

Alicia Salinas, Writer

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Teenagers are social creatures. It is in our nature to want to communicate with others and to fit in. Sometimes, we could go to extreme limits to fit a “perfect” image.

“Ever since I was little I always felt judged because my body didn’t look like everybody else’s. I always felt insecure wearing something a little tighter and knowing that skinny tall models are the most advertised people hurts a little,” says sophomore Sarah Chandler.

But not all teenagers at Sharyland High School feel pressures on the shape of their body.

“The main pressure I feel is not being cool enough to fit in with my peers,” comments junior Clarissa Balandrano. “I don’t party every weekend and go out with my friends at every chance I get, I like staying at home and focusing on my work.”

To add on to the pressures of society, junior Jessica De Jong also comments on being different from her peers.

“I don’t have a huge group of friends who I talk to everyday, I keep to myself most of the time,” says Jessica. “I always feel a little excluded because I’m not always socializing with everybody.”

Some teenagers don’t agree though. Senior Josseling Gutierrez begs to differ in her statement.

“I don’t really pay attention to what other people are saying. I feel comfortable with myself and I do whatever makes me happy so I never feel pressured by anybody else,” states Josseling.

To sum up, a major portion of the teenagers at Sharyland feel pressured by their peers. They feel the need to act a certain way so they can fit in. It is not unusual for teenagers to feel this way but it is confirmed that society does have a big effect on impressionable teenagers.

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The Pressures of Social Media